What our patients say...

After experiencing heartbreaking fertility issues for many years, I sought advice from Dr. Charles Koh and agreed to have him perform a surgical procedure in 2014 to address what he believed to be the root cause of our inability to conceive.  He successfully completed the procedure and made me healthy again.  But it was the way he kindly listened to my fears and reassured me beforehand, and the way he held my hand and explained the positive results afterward, that made such a lasting impact on me. Dr. Koh certainly possesses the knowledge and skills to treat patients, but more importantly, he has a natural ability to express sympathy and compassion and does so to the fullest extent possible.  Shortly after the procedure, my husband and I became pregnant.  I delivered a healthy baby boy, and I am forever grateful that one day my son will learn how his life was made possible because of Dr. Koh and the exceptional care he provided. Thank you a million times, Dr. Koh!

Michelle, United States

I traveled from Australia to Singapore in April 2015 for excision surgery & PSN with Dr. Koh. Without trying to sound corny, Dr Koh changed my life. I was 25 years old and in severe agony every day 24/7. I was on an incredible amount of analgesia. I was surviving. I wasn’t ‘living’. A question I asked myself often was how can I live like this? Now I say how could I have lived that way for so long?! I now no longer have to take medication regularly – Paracetamol occasionally on day one of the monthlies.

Dr. Koh is an incredible surgeon. I am a midwife & nurse. I have worked with many surgeons in my time and Dr. Koh is one of the best if not THE best in both his work and his communicative manner. He is friendly, kind, and understanding. He involved my husband in my care. I could not thank this man enough! In fact I have come back to Australia and every endo patient I meet or any obstetric doctor I work with I “name drop” Dr. koh. I am so thankful that I heard about Dr. Koh & will forever be thankful to him for giving me back my life.

Cassie, Australia

babyruth2Dr. Koh and his lovely Singapore team have given us so much. We have them to thank not only for my current life without incredible pain, but also for the beautiful blessing of our youngest child.

I suffered with painful periods from 10 years of age; heavy, long (10-14 days or more) and full of clots. I was diagnosed with endometriosis as a teenager and was prescribed many hormonal medications. After several surgeries and no relief, I found Dr. Koh and consulted via email (as I live in Australia).

Over the years my bleeding had worsened, especially after having children. I could bleed three weeks of the month and the heaviness also increased. It was causing me severe pain, and intimacy with my husband had also been causing great pain. Dr. Koh noted features of adenomyosis during our consultation in Singapore, and along with excision for endometriosis he performed a presacral neurectomy. This was wonderful for me, I woke from surgery without the lower back pain I’ve always had, and the labour type pains with my periods have stopped. Intimacy no longer causes me pain and I am able to care for our children without constant struggle.

Since my surgery, I personally know three women from over here who have also chosen surgery in Singapore with Dr. Koh. They have all found relief, which is lovely as we had all endured repeated hormonal therapies and surgeries previously.

Dr. Koh is a very compassionate and thoughtful man, who genuinely desires to help relieve women of their pain. He was understanding of my hope of retaining my uterus, and his decision to perform the presacral neurectomy allowed this despite my uterine issues. We are very thankful to Dr. Koh and his team!!

Ruth, Australia

Dr. Koh has given me my life back! I suffered from endometriosis that had invaded my bladder and caused me severe pain.  Other surgeons wanted to remove my ovaries and do radical surgery.  I met with Dr. Koh and he assured me I could keep my ovaries and performed the surgery laparoscopically! He even contacted me via email from Japan prior to my surgery to check on me!  Thank you Dr. Koh for going above and beyond, and for giving me hope and my life back!

Anna, United States

After 4 surgeries for endo (with little to no relief) and after being dismissed by my gynaecologist, I fell into a very dark place. After much research, I took a leap of faith and travelled to Singapore for surgery with Dr. Charles Koh. I found Dr. Koh (and his team) to be empathetic and extremely competent. They quickly put me at ease and after a 5.5 hour surgery I instantly felt better. No more nagging back ache, deep abdominal pain or extreme bloating. 18 months later and I feel better than I have in many years.

Dr. Koh is an amazing surgeon and a very compassionate man. I will never be able to thank him enough.

Kim, Australia

It’s nearly a year since I had my surgery with Dr. Koh and I’m doing better than I ever thought I could be. My life is spent living, travelling, working, meeting friends… the way life should be. I no longer fear of what any given day will be like. I am the woman I remember, the one I thought was forever lost during those dark days filled with pain and despair.

Kathy, United States

emmaleeAfter 2 unsuccessful surgeries in the UK for stage 4 endo, I finally had the excision surgery that I needed with Dr. Koh in Nov 2014. I actually travelled from the UK to Singapore to have my life-changing surgery with him. Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for Dr. Koh and his assistant surgeon Dr. Lien, as they put an end to all the pain and misery that I had been suffering from. I couldn’t believe the difference that specialized excision surgery from an expert made! It resolved my pain and I’m now leading a normal life again.

As someone who has been through it, I know how physically and mentally draining, depressing, and painful endo is. Endo doesn’t just affect the patients themselves, but our loved ones and families are affected too! They want nothing more than to see you healthy, happy, and not in debilitating pain. So I owed it to not only me but to them too to get myself better!

I seriously cannot thank Dr. Koh and Dr. Lien enough for their expertise, great attentive care and compassion. They totally made me feel at ease and were so nice, genuine, and caring that they even made me cry. I was so touched by their kindness! You could not be in better hands and I highly recommend Dr. Koh to any patient out there. I know you will receive great care.

Emma, United Kingdom

My husband and I are over the moon with the birth of our little one and are very thankful that we were able to have a baby. Thanks again for helping to make this a possibility for me, Dr. Koh.

Sarah, United States

I wanted to share our wonderful news with you! I am pregnant with a baby boy due early next year! We are so thrilled! I just wanted to tell you because I TRULY believe it was you and your team’s amazing work that made this possible! I really do! You got rid of all that awful endo and my body was finally allowed to fully heal so I could get pregnant! Thank you with all my heart for what you do! I’m so incredibly grateful!

Kirsten, United States

I sit here, 3 days away from my daughters’ first birthday. I am so happy that it is difficult to put into words.  It’s difficult to remember how depressed I felt most days out of the month as I either waited for a period to pass that left me on my bathroom floor for 2 weeks at a time or wait for a negative pregnancy test result.

I remember the first time we sat down in your office sitting across from your desk with my husband at my side, which he always is, and feeling relieved just because someone finally understood what I was going through and didn’t think I was crazy or embellishing my symptoms.

The day of my surgery, I woke up with a swollen belly and a lot of blood. I could barely sit up because of the soreness in my muscles. I recognize that the pain was made bearable by the drugs but I still FELT BETTER THAN THE FIRST DAY OF MY PERIOD. I had suffered with this pain for as long as I can remember and it was only made worse by 4 courses of IUI and 2 courses of IVF.

Following surgery, I made my recovery my top priority and each passing day brought progress by leaps and bounds. I got my first period following surgery 28 days later. I had not 1 symptom other than a pimple on my face. I took not a single pain killer. I didn’t even bloat. I was IN SHOCK.

I remember you told us to wait roughly 8 months following surgery to try IVF again… and 8 months after surgery we had a successful IVF cycle resulting in a twin pregnancy! I have never been so happy in all my life. My daughters bring meaning to my life in ways that I can’t begin to explain.

Leonora, United States