What to Expect

Record Review and Scheduling Surgery
After contacting Dr. Koh, you will be invited to submit your medical records for him to review. A phone consult will then be scheduled where he will go over your options. If surgery is indicated, a surgery date and location are scheduled in coordination with the local clinic and hospital. You will also be provided information on any preparations you need to make ahead of your surgery.
Pre-operative Consult
Traveling patients typically arrive a day or two prior to surgery. You will meet with Dr. Koh and his colleagues for an office consult and clinical exam the day prior to surgery.
Hospital Admission and Surgery
Depending on the location, you may be admitted to hospital the evening before your surgery day in order to undergo bowel preparation (this is the case for patients undergoing surgery in Italy and Singapore). On the morning of surgery you will have a brief meeting with the clinical staff, including the anesthesiologist who will be monitoring you closely during your procedure. Dr. Koh will update your loved ones after the surgery is complete and you are in recovery. While you remain in the hospital you will be followed-up closely by Dr. Koh and his local colleagues:

Dr. Suresh Nair MD (Singapore)
Dr. L.S. Lien MD (Singapore)
Dr. Luigi Fasolino MD (Italy)
Follow-Up Appointment and Ongoing Care
Typically, you will see Dr. Koh’s local colleagues a couple of days after discharge for a follow-up appointment in the office. As long as you are progressing as expected, you will then be able to travel home. Most patients return home around 5 days after surgery but this will depend on the nature of your surgery and on your individual recovery.

Once you have returned home, you are encouraged to remain in email contact with Dr. Koh to provide updates and contact him with any questions that arise during your ongoing recovery.