Traveling for Surgery

Many of Dr. Koh’s patients travel to him for his specialized surgery. As a traveling patient, there are extra things to consider when preparing for treatment, including transport and accommodation.
Travel Plans and Accommodation
Traveling patients are encouraged to arrive one or two days ahead of the pre-operative consult, which takes place the day before surgery. This allows time for delays and to acclimatize and adjust to the location and time zone before the surgery.

Each local clinic or hospital can provide a list of suggested hotels and in some cases certain hotels will have a patient discount, so be sure to ask when you book!

Most patients return home five days after their surgery but this may vary depending on the nature of your procedure and recovery. Dr. Koh will be able to help advise you on this based on the surgery he anticipates.
Patients Traveling to Italy:
For patients traveling to Italy for surgery, the local clinic can provide a range of services to assist you, including a chauffeur service from the local airport (Naples) to the clinic, and discounted accommodation. Patients can inquire about these services by contacting the clinic directly.
Patients Traveling to Singapore:
The clinic and hospital that Dr. Koh works at are located very centrally within short distance of a range of hotels. The location provides a perfect opportunity for patients and their loved ones to make full use of all the downtown amenities.