Plan Your Treatment

This section of the website will guide you through the process of preparing for and planning your treatment with Dr. Koh at the location of your choice.

Steps to surgery…

  • Look at the surgery schedule and locations and decide which location is most ideal for you.
  • Request a consult with Dr. Koh via the webform and he will get back in touch with you to review your case by phone and/or email.
  • If you decide to proceed with treatment:
    • Schedule a date for your pre-operative visit and surgery at your chosen location.
    • Fill out any necessary paperwork that has been sent to you ahead of your visit with Dr. Koh.
    • Gather information on the costs and insurance coverage of your treatment by liaising with the local office where you will have your consultation with Dr. Koh and by contacting your insurance provider.
    • Find out what to expect at your appointment.
    • Learn about helpful resources when preparing and traveling for surgery out of town.